• Mounica Srinivas

The Girl Who Introduced "Hello Kitty" to the World

A personal journal always brings out a fresh perspective to the world, and this book doesn’t disappoint. The brutalities of War cannot be understated, and it’s always the civilians who suffer the most.

This book is essentially a journal, a friend and a tale of a school going girl who endured the agony of the implications of a war which occurred without her involvement.

Anne Frank’s Diary is a real time poignant account of a 13 year old girl trapped in of one of the most barbaric acts – the holocaust. Anne and her family had to live in hiding for years. The succeeding events and the way in which Anne handles various situations that occur in day to day activities make this book inspiring.


The intimate & trivial feelings of a young girl amidst war make this book special. As we continue reading the book, eventually we fall in love with Anne and end up feeling empty when the book comes to an abrupt end.


This story’s conclusion is an open book to everyone and does not come as a surprise.

Writing Style

Anne is person who has a great level of maturity for a 13 year old. The humor, the innocence, the bravery and the self respect she shows is admirable. As we progress, we feel like we have known Anne all her life.

Cost Worth

Having a peek at someone’s life in 283 pages within 10$ definitely makes it worth the cost. The audience is never restricted to the book as everyone can relate to her story and the situations she encounters.


This book has it all. It’s not restricted to a theme or a single genre. She explains situations where she has been happy, angry, sad and at times sarcastic too. There is family relationships, fights, and romance as well. Distress and never ending fear of being caught makes it mysterious.


Even though it is a story from a war, it’s not all about bloodshed and murder. This is one of those books which definitely come under my list of timeless classics. The 13-year old girl's reactions over petty situations and honest accounts, can emotionally stimulate the modern day readers as well. To Quote Anne: “Who would ever think that so much went on in the soul of a young girl?”

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