• Mounica Srinivas

The Place Where The Lost Things Go

Everyone wonders “Where do the lost things go” but each of us have different ways of dealing with it. Some are careful in future, some ignore and some crib about losing things but never really pay attention to what’s going on. Sandy Short is one of those people who don’t back off.

This book is a classic example of the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. A book which has a stunning cover page with a distinctive story line ended up having a poor climax and a grim narration.


The story starts off with a very good and a peculiar line of thought. Never ending story of missing stuff turn into a mystery for the protagonist!!! The purity in thoughts and the morality in opinions during anyone’s absence has been best portrayed. It also best presents how people tend to forgive when any one person goes missing or is no more.


Though the suspense built is good, the following events are apparent based on the description. The displeasing part is where the story doesn’t really seem to end. It’s like a fairy tale where Cinderella finds a prince but never gets to marry him. Basically, the happily ever after is missing because of the missing fragment. Nowhere has it been mentioned on what happens to ‘Here’ or ‘Sandy Short’ post the twisted events or why. Another example to be precise in what’s missing in the book is the mystery has been found but has not been solved.

Writing Style:

This book has a very unusual writing style compared to other books of Cecelia Ahern. Nevertheless, she has her own way of rallying the reader’s attention. The occasional humor and mystery do not compensate for the overly slow pace of the story. The random and obscure shifts in the storyline are frustrating.

Cost Worthy:

For those who aim to be writers of different genres, this book can be really helpful in making them understand the line of thoughts.


As a huge fan of Cecelia Ahern, this book was greatly disappointing. There are elements in this book which are really thoughtful. The basic stuff such as why a character is so important to the protagonist is not even explained till the end of the book. The way the story moulds itself towards the finale is interesting but it comes to an abrupt end.


Mystery is all about pieces falling in place at different parts of the story, but the way the story moulds here can be unnoticeable to confusing not to mention frustrating.

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