• Manav Aggarwal

Robert Langdon's latest escapade

I've always been among the first to grab a Dan Brown book as soon as it gets released. His books are enjoyable, give a glimpse of the past and I am sure I won't cross a line by saying that they even feed the appetite of an average conspiracy theorist. Where most thriller novel writers focus on geopolitical issues, Dan Brown bravely ventures the uncharted waters of ancient mysteries, and cults engaged in their century-old crusades. But with Inferno, Brown has mixed both the worlds.


Most of Brown's stories involve ancient sects still active in the modern era. However, this time there is no such society involved. This is the crusade of one man determined to fix a modern crisis, while deriving inspiration from an ancient book, and another man trying to stop him.


Brown's books have always kept the readers at the edge of the seat. I was afraid I might burn my eyes out trying to find out what happens next. What made it most unpredictable was the lack of a typical happy ending that is present in most of his books (or in most thrillers for that matter). Instead, it ended on a rather neutral note.

Writing Style:

Brown tends to be very descriptive in his writings. This time he took it a bit too far. The infinite descriptions made me lose track of the main story and often I had to push myself not to skip a few lines to get back to the plot.

Cost Worthy:

For the kind of rush the book gave me, keeping me out of bed at late hours, I think this book is worth the cost.


Robert Langdon, the beloved character, is the guy with whom we’ve travelled the world. In Inferno, Langdon traverses from Italy to Turkey. The thrill of the chase and the excitement of what might lie ahead gave me enough adrenaline for a day. The book is as entertaining as any of Brown's other writings apart from the extensive detailing which prevented me from engaging with the story.


As entertaining as it was, Inferno is definitely one of Brown’s worst books. However, his writing style has matured over the years. With that being said, I look forward to Robert Langdon’s next adventure.

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