• Mounica Srinivas

Friends see most of each other’s flaws. Spouses see every awful last bit.

Adultery, Childhood issues, Suspense, Thrilling story, Cold Blooded acts, Murder, Kidnapping, Eloping, Romance, Love – This book has it all. Extreme emotions of love to extreme emotions of hate have been best portrayed by Gillian Flynn. Amy is a real head banger for Nick and the police, which made it a very interesting plot for the readers who are looking out for a real thriller.

Uniqueness: This may seem like one among thousand other thriller stories. However, Amy Dunne proves that she is above most of the psychopaths in this world (at least in the world of the books). The genius behind her thought process and implementation is mind blowing.

Predictability: Fairly predictable, but impressive twists make it gripping. All of us know that this is the story of Amy but finding which story of Amy is the right one makes it enthralling. Anyone who starts this book would hesitate to keep it aside midway and the adrenaline rush increases as the plot thickens and the story molds itself like a treasure hunt.

Writing Style: Everyone has a say in this book (though it actually feels like Nick doesn’t have a word to say about the events that happen).Every character’s perspective has been shown. No wonder Gillian Flynn inspired many contemporary authors to write best-selling novels.

Cost Worthy: This might sound exaggerated, but the book took me on a journey where I witnessed how much people could be affected due to parental issues and also how adultery changes people in a relationship. Totally worth it!!

Entertaining: Brace yourselves for a roller coaster ride. Love comes out of nowhere and vanishes into something else. Adultery moves on to love, murder and conspiracy. Everything is a lie and a fact out there. The audacity of Amy Dunne takes you by surprise and makes you say ‘Bitch!’ at times. You would also fall in love with her too sometimes.

Verdict: This book has been one of the best sellers for the last four years. It might look like I am overstating but it has had one of the best expeditions of common circumstances in life into a dangerous plight.

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