• Manav Aggarwal

Divine is science yet to be explained

1. Religious Symbolism: check

2. A history professor as a protagonist: check

3. A delusional psychopathic killer: check

4. An ancient mystery: check

5. An adventurous/perilous journey across different locations: check

6. A female sidekick: check

I just read another novel which is a mimicry of Dan Brown’s work. But, frankly a pretty good effort. Even though I've read all of Brown's novels and this genre is anything but new to me, I did enjoy the thrill of the chase. The continuous fast paced story and the numerous deathly encounters and narrow escapes ensure continuous excitement for this proverbial adrenaline junkie.


There is absolutely nothing unique about the book. The Ashwin Sanghi has literally taken the Da Vinci Code all over again.


A good thriller is judged by its predictability and this book didn't disappoint. It was always difficult to predict where the author was going. The story was rampant with unexpected plot twists.

Writing Style:

Sanghi's writing style is gripping and informative. With descriptive explanations of the surroundings and the historical facts, he managed to engage my interests. The book runs two stories in parallel and they have been effectively timed to ensure the suspense lingers just long enough.

Cost Worth:

The book is definitely worth the cost and at the nominal price, a great read.


The book is interesting at one point and redundant at the other. Sanghi often lost the balance between the historic explanations and the main plot of the story. Sanghi hasn’t spent enough time on character sketch and this is evident from that fact that I was least bothered about the fates of the protagonist and the sidekick.


I would definitely recommend the book and also watch out for the author. This book may have been Dan Brown inspired, but does a great deal in showing the thought process of the author and the hard-work he is willing put in (based on the tremendous amount research) to write a good story.

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