• Pooja Venkateswaran

The Angel who never was

An LA detective was called to the scene where an old millionaire is brutally murdered and his young wife raped. The woman goes missing and the case is closed. Few years forth multiple murders are tracked similar to the LA case . The first victim's son and the LA detective set out on the quest to find the murderer.

The beauty of a Sidney Sheldon book is the adrenaline rush that surrounds it, the fast pace, the gripping story-line and the best being the twists and the turns. Why would anyone use Sidney Sheldon's name and write a book? Is Tilly Bagshawe's claim to writing a perfect Sidney Sheldon book justified?


All of Sidney's books surround to some brutal murder, lethal romance and this one is neither less nor different. What caught my attention was the time travel to the past. Tilly's reference to this brief history of time meant nothing more than adding a few extra pages of weight.


Sidney's books are nothing but unpredictable till the last page. But in Angel of the Dark you can foresee the inevitable. You feel the “I knew it! Is that it?” moment.

Writing style:

The writing style reflects the art of storytelling. Tilly's style brings in the best of Sidney with sparse but necessary details, drawing believable characters, setting up a mystery and constructing a tale. The dialogues present information to keep things moving without revealing the characters thoughts.

Cost Worth:

For the adrenaline that the book pumps its definitely worth every penny.


The book starts at a very entertaining note, it makes you think who could have dared to perform such gruesome acts of murder and rape, but eventually the pit falls begin. The story drags itself and doesn't give you a closure which you expect from any murder mystery.


Angel of the Dark has everything you look forward to in a thriller except how the story shaped itself. In the end the reader is left hanging in the gardens. Having read most of Sidney Sheldon books, Tilly seems to have missed the essence of it.

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