• Mounica Srinivas

Just another thriller on the shelf

No, this book is not another Gone Girl. No, this book is not a total world class thriller.

The title ‘The Girl on the Train’ might suggest that this story is about a female or basically a story triggered by a woman. However as you read the book, it is actually a story ruled by a guy with many female puppets.


Before I started my journey with this book, everyone said “Since you liked, ‘Gone Girl’, try reading ‘The Girl on the Train’”. On contrary, there are many elements different from the Gone Girl: Like multiple woman protagonists, adultery at varied levels, psychopaths all over the place

The book is molded on a simple element like a daily commute which everyone can relate to. That is the first element which attracted me when I went through the synopsis.


Anyone who has watched a few decent thriller movies can predict who the villain of the story is. But the way it’s written is what makes it readable and gives that rush we look forward to in a Suspense thriller.

Writing Style:

In the 4 to 5 hours of reading this book, I had to look up the meaning of 5 words in total which helped me read it swiftly (And I don’t really have a phenomenal standard of vocabulary. But there is one thing which I really want to appreciate Paula Hawkins for - No distractions from the original story-line which has been decided.

There are elements such as multiple descriptions of the same topics like Rachel’s drinking problem and of THE house. But still Hawkins managed to give off a new fact about the house every time it is mentioned.

Cost Worthy:

A world class thriller for 2 dollars is pretty impressive but only after reading the book is when we get to know that all the hype is absolutely on nothing. The expectations the reader goes in for are not satisfied based on the descriptions given on multiple sites.


To be precise, this book is just like having vanilla ice cream on a sunny day. It feels good but runs smooth without too much suspense. Nevertheless there is always the thrill that satisfies the reader’s mind. In other words, it’s just a book written for readers i.e., it has all the elements the reader expects from a thriller.


This isn’t one of those books which can be picked out of boredom or a long flight journey ,but not the one that can make you go back to the book for the rush and the thrill.

But Beware people, there is not a single character in this book which is normal. It’s like a whole set of psychopaths meeting each other.

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