• Manav Aggarwal

Chanakya's epic chant

Can good be done through dirty politics? Can Kautilya’s Arthashastra be applied to modern times to bring about a change that benefits the country? This book runs two gripping stories that run in parallel. The first obviously was Chanakya’s story while the second was that of a modern version of Kautilya who uses tricks similar to the ones used at Chanakya’s time to his protege on to the throne of India. In my opinion the author, Ashwin Sanghi has done a great job with this book. Though the storytelling style is similar to that of Krishna Key (read review here), I found it intensely gripping and fast paced.

Uniqueness: This books stands as an exceptions because there have been many books that have been attempted to merge the gap between Ancient India(The period of the Mauryan Empire) and the modern era and how the Arthashastra can be applied today as well, but none of them have been able to convey that message so clearly.


Everybody knows the story of how the Mauryan empire rose and even though the story was more or less linear with scarce plot twists, the story was vastly unpredictable. Be it Gangasagar or Chanakya, it was always hard to figure out their next move. The shrewdness with which they executed their plans and ensured they had an active network that constantly fed them with information was unreal.

Writing Style:

Like I mentioned earlier, there are similarities with the Krishna Key in the sense that there were two stories running in parallel. I will definitely take this opportunity to commend Ashwin Sanghi for his writing style. Letting the suspense out at just the right time is something most authors fail to understand.

Cost Worthy:

I bought the E-Book from Google Play Books at Rs.40, so highest points for Cost Worth.


The book is as entertaining as it is well written. Sanghi has very cleverly made sure that the audience is engaged by introducing new characters and disposing off old ones at the right time. I was hooked till the end.


A remarkable storyline coupled with a very subtle writing style and cleverly executed strategies have resulted in a delightful tome that can keep the audience entertained till the very end. After reading this, I for once don’t want to get on the wrong side of Acharya Chanakya or Gangasagarji.

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