• Mounica Srinivas

The Book that lives

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone vs Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone: No there is no difference between 2 books.

I think this can be said confidently: Harry Potter, the book that lives. A book that has completed 2 decades and still says on the top of bookstores. There isn’t a new thing I can say about this series which hasn’t already been written/said.


This book is one of the best in Fantasy fiction genre: a new world with new rules and things work differently from our daily life. This book talks about wizardry and witchcraft, schools where this is taught and how this is hidden from the Muggles. That’s what makes it unique, a new world which is hidden well with the wizard kind.


The story line of this book is based on common sense. The final turn of events and the book is written around a simple logic where the reader tends to miss the minute details during his/her first read. The author builds the tempo around the book on the events surrounding the main plot and moves on to the final drama scene towards the end.

Writing Style:

A very simple writing style where everything is explained in detail such that readers of any age group can understand the exact happenings in the book. There is no complicated jargon in the book. The words related to the wizard world also have been explained in a very detailed manner such that they are fed into the reader’s mind immediately.

Cost Worthy:

This book is not costly but even after 2 decades the cost of the paperbacks or the e-books hasn’t been reduced unlike other books. Considering the reading experience and the rereads a book will get, the price for this book can be deemed worthy of it.


With a simple writing style and being the first book in the series, we tend to assume that the book could be boring because of the endless descriptions about the wizard world. And that’s where Rowling shocks the reader; the descriptions are imbibed into the book such that they are a part of the story but not a detail added separately. This book is a real page turner which doesn’t bore the reader at any point of time.


Though it is the first book in a seven-book set, it doesn’t leave the reader hanging at the end. In fact, it leaves the excited to read the next book and await the events that would happen at Hogwarts next year. Thank you, Rowling, for introducing us to Hogwarts. Let’s meet at 9 3/4th platform for the review of Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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