• Anjali Lobo

The Eternal Classic

Pride and Prejudice is a book that transports you to a different time and place- to Old England where life is slow and simple and revolves primarily around farm life and high society. Jane Austen brings this environment to life with an amusing, light-hearted portrayal of the events that befall her protagonists.

The characters in the book have been skillfully penned, the writing giving us astute observations on human psychology and social conduct, a lot of which is still relevant today, more than a hundred years later. The story builds up slowly but steadily, with detailed descriptions and interesting conversations, leading up to an ending that makes a rather long read worth it.

Uniqueness: The book is a classic for a reason; it is timeless in its themes and extremely unique in its writing style. Jane Austen has written from her own perspective (there are no conversations in the book where a woman is not present) which gives a wonderful insight into the lives of women in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, a time when they were not given a very prominent place in society.

Predictability: The story meanders through the quiet events of country life which are not exactly predictable, but are certainly lively. It is not a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat in suspense, but the story is good enough to keep you reading until the end.

Writing style: The writing style is old-fashioned and the book often describes societal norms that are not prevalent anymore, which makes some terms or situations difficult to understand. However, the witty portrayal of characters and the light-hearted take on events makes it a fun read.

Cost worth: There are various editions available of the book, each one costing slightly more or less, depending on whether it is a paperback or a hardbound version. The cheaper versions can be bought for between 50-130 Rs which is very reasonable. There are also versions available that can be downloaded for free online.

Entertaining: The book is quite entertaining, especially because there is a lot of humour in the narrative. The characters are well written with a great depth of personality, causing them to come alive in the imagination. It is a book that encourages reflective thought on morals, principles and human psychology, without mentioning them directly in the narrative at all.

Verdict: Pride and Prejudice is the kind of book that can be read over and over again as will always remain relevant and funny. It is the kind of warm, comforting book that leaves you feeling content and satisfied. The title of ‘Classic’ has been well earned.

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