• Pooja Venkateswaran

Missing you - Harlan Coben Review

Imagine seeing your ex-fiance in the first-ever dating website you register to and that too with a different name. Would you reach out to the person in the profile?

This page-turning thriller by Harlen Coben revolves around Kat, whose entire life has been a lie. When Kat decides to re-connect with Jeff over the internet, unspeakable things start to unravel. At the same time, she finds out her murdered father is not who she believed he was, which makes her question everything besieging her.

Uniqueness: This book looks like just another thriller novel, but when you start reading it, it comes across like that piece of cake, you want more. The plot touches some of the most relevant issues of the 21st century.

Predictability: there are so many connections within the characters that you can't get close to predicting the storyline until the author wants you to.

Writing Style: The writing is like a breeze. The style is narrative, and you feel like you are living the story.

Cost Worth: I got this book as a gift, however its available in amazon as a paperback at Rs.226. The Kindle version costs Rs.219.

Entertaining: the book would work very well as a movie. I couldn't put the book down even though I was on vacation traveling around Thailand. There were multiple tracks within the main story, which kept me engaged.

Verdict: A must-read if you love thriller, murder mystery genre in books. Even though the book was published six years ago, it's a great book to read, and I would give it 8/10.

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