• Parul Aggarwal

Zamindar by Valerie Fitzgerald

It was 1857. An Englishwoman,Laura Hewitt, was accompanying her young cousin and her husband to India. "Whoever comes to India is absorbed into it", somebody on the ship said.

A British Zemindar who is more of an Indian showed her the India which no foreigner wanted to see.

Zemindar is the story of the transformation of a young girl to a woman in the backdrop of the Indian Mutiny

Uniqueness: Story is about the turmoil in India; the fear of the British and the wild ferocity of the Indians as seen through the eyes of an Englishwoman

Predictability: The twists and turns in the book make it impossible to predict the outcome.

Writing Style: Very simple and easy to understand.

Cost Worth: Zemindar by Valerie Fitzgerald is available for Rs. 227 on Kindle and Rs. 238 as paperback on Amazon.

Entertaining: Very interesting read especially if you like historical fiction.

Verdict: A gripping love story, beautifully written. I would give 8/10

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