• Pooja Venkateswaran

The Unfortunaes By Abhinav Mishra

We often hear the saying fortune favors the brave, but does it? The Unfortunates is the story for four people whose lives and struggles are so relatable to the current times. You feel the compassion, the love, the hatred, the trauma, the indecisiveness, and the emotional turmoil as you live their lives through the pages of the book. As the author sums it beautifully - we can never be sure of the ultimate reality. Uniqueness: The story is unique but familiar as you live with the characters in their journey.

Predictability: One cannot guess the ending until the last 50 pages started to reveal itself—10/10 for this segment.

Writing style: Simple and conversational.

Cost Worth: The Unfortunates is available free on Kindle Unlimited and at Rs.319 as a paperback on Amazon.

Entertaining: the story is very gripping and makes you want to know more. This book unravels in your mind like a movie.

Verdict: Love, life, family, and karma rated - 7/10.

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