• Manav Aggarwal

Vault of Vishnu by Ashwin Sanghi

As a kid, when I learnt about the three wise monkeys, I would always ask this question why isn't there a monkey that says do no evil. Shouldn't that be more important? Turns out, there is a fourth monkey, which means precisely that. The vault of Vishnu is centered around an ancient Indian secret that could well be called the elixir of life. How the present-day search for the ultimate secret binds a pre-neolithic tribe to the Pallavas and the modern-day geopolitics between India and China. Uniqueness - The book is Ashwin Sanghi's trademark blend of myth, history, and modernity. In that sense, I can't really call it unique. However, the idea is different. Predictability - The story is riddled with ifs and buts, and even a seasoned reader like me was left guessing at one point. Writing Style - Ashwin Sanghi's standard writing style is clear and easy to understand. Letting the suspense out at just the right time is something most authors fail to understand. Cost Worthy - The book costs Rs 260 on amazon and is definitely worth the price. By the book here. Entertaining - Thoroughly entertaining. The numerous plot twists keep the reader guessing and on the edge of the seat. Verdict - A fantastic storyline, a great writing style, suspense, and unpredictability make this a great novel. 9/10 by The Booker's Diary.

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