• Aruna Veerabhadranavar

The Tower of Blue By Eric Locsh

This is a story around a boy named Arnold. It speaks about Arnold's growing distance with his family and how he decides to take on a journey to find his destiny. The story talks about how he embarks on this journey with something he calls as Tower! Which he envies the most yet keeps it close with a desire to change it into something useful. As you read, you will find that journey takes you through different emotions Arnold experiences. The author has done a great job of describing every scene which caters well to the reader's imagination. Few plots definitely need a finishing touch unless the author is planning to write a sequel for the book.

All in all, a good read. I already made a note of a few lines, which made a difference to me. I recommend reading the book.

Uniqueness: the way every plot is sequenced gives a good continuation for the reader. The reader can connect well with the plot.

Predictability: at one point, I thought this is it. But it was not, there was more to the story. Definitely not predictable.

Writing style: straightforward language, easy to connect, and descriptive plots.

Cost worthy: book is decently priced.

Entertaining: engaging to the extent that you will complete the book in a day.

Verdict: good storyline, unpredictable plot till the end, As a reader hoping for a sequel to come soon. 8/10 by Booker's dairy

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