• Pooja Venkateswaran

Newbourne: A Cold Case by Anna Lavrynenko

Newbourne is the city of the future. The protagonist, Detective Frank Harris, is wound around attacks on his friends and family. What keeps me on my toes is how the case is like a maze and keeps unraveling itself every page you read.

Uniqueness: The book is unlike any other crime novel. The storyline is very different and connects every character of the book very well.

Predictability: Not for a moment was I able to predict what was going to happen the next moment. That's the very essence of a well-written crime book.

Writing style: The style is definitely easy to read. I could draw the images of Newbourne city and the Alter city, and it was a beautiful picture. It was all possible, as the writing was simple but elegant.

Entertaining: The cold case, being true to its name, does all the justice to every crime scene in the book.

Verdict: A 9/10 for its unique storyline, the mix of fantasy and crime fiction balanced perfectly. I am looking forward to the next book in the Newbourne Series.

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