• Pooja Venkateswaran

An Incredible Indian Rescue by Prraveen Khumar

An Incredible Indian Rescue is a story of Mani Bharathi, assigned with a challenging kidnapping case. The story reflects on the personal emotions of the protagonist and how he dwells in the rescue operation. The operation slowly uncovers discoveries, which may pose a severe threat to our country. This book is a perfect read for all thriller and crime enthusiasts. Uniqueness:

The way the plot unfolds is very different from just any other novel or a story. No way throughout the story would anyone have anticipated how the story came together.


I would agree 100%, I couldn't have predicted the plot of the story.

Cost Worth:

The book is priced at Rs.150 on Amazon, which is a steal deal.

Writing Style:

As the author had mentioned, inspiration comes to him from the simple writing style of Chetan Bhagat. The book truly reflects how easy it is to understand and how much you can feel it happening right in front of you. It's a perfect read for anyone who wants to pick a book for the first time.


The book is a blockbuster, which would be perfect for any OTT platform or the big screens. The book keeps you wanting to read more.


The perfect short story by Prraveen Khumar N is the book that any newbie to reading should pick up. A 10/10 for a short story, which won't let you down.

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