• Pooja Venkateswaran

PI Agency By Neelabh Pratap Singh

Have you ever wondered what and how the Personal Investigators do and work? How are they different from the Police or the other government investigation agencies? This book is the story of a PI - Rashmi Purohit, who always dreamed of CBI, but couldn't clear. And in the pursuit, she started taking up cases where she could run her brains.

With her two employees who are nothing more than amateurs, she takes up a case that was not just challenging; she had to stay alive to solve it!


The book starts with a rich man - Brajesh Arya, who, like a typical Indian parent, wants his son to be happy. Hiring a detective for investigating his son's drug addiction and the cartels is not something anyone would do. How does someone like Rashmi, who doesn't have the essential resources or experience, crack the cartels' code? The book not just talks about hard-core crime, but also reflects the emotions and personal connections of these characters' everyday life. The storyline is what stands-out.

Predictability: Oh well, I have nothing to say but Hats Off to Neelabh Pratap Singh. The twists and turns were all right where it should be. You won't predict the next step, but they are all revealed at appropriate parts.

Writing Style: I just loved the writing style! The language is simple but has all the right ticks for the emotions, descriptions, surroundings, character detailing. I could feel myself being a part of the book. The subtle traits of human behavior reflect very well, and the storytelling is crisp, yet nothing seems missing.

Cost Worth: The book costs Rs.249 as a paperback and is available in Kindle for Rs.99. For a fantastic thriller, that's a pretty viable deal!

Entertaining: Absolutely entertaining! It was like a web series running in front of my eyes. I love a good thriller, and I look forward to it when Indian Authors do it so well! So many times, I was on edge, wanting to know what was going to happen! My moment was reading the last ten pages and was how the plot unfolds. I would have never thought of a more befitting end.

Verdict: A nail-biting thriller which is hands down the best thriller I have read so far by an Indian Author. I am glad that the author, Neelabh, shared his book with me. Drug cartels, millennial zest, private Investigator, buried family memories, thrill, and suspense make it a treasure and be in my recommendations list.

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10/10 by The Booker's Diary.

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