• Manav Aggarwal

Codename: The Rift By Cassandra Featherstone & Gail Jericho

"The company" is a corporate entity. It has created pocket dimensions and access parallel universes. They have picked people from these "ribbons" and recruited them to do their work. Delilah, a mutant, is the resistance leader - a rebel group that lost the battle against the doubles. She struggles to understand her powers and contacts Taurus, one of the company doubles. Does Deli get a handle on her powers? Does Tauras's entrance in Deli's life upset the delicate balance her "family" is in? How does she challenge all of Taurus's beliefs?

Uniqueness: Concepts of pocket dimensions and parallel universes become small ideas in this book. The story revolves around Deli and Taurus's lives. In that sense, this is my first SCIFI fantasy romance novel. What I found unique about this novel was the narration.

Predictability: I, for one, was not able to predict what was going to happen. There were not many twists and turns in terms of the plot. However, the frequent upheavals that kept disturbing the balance in Deli's life were something I didn't see coming. When there are so many characters involved in family dynamics, it's difficult to predict where the next shocker will come from.

Writing Style: The author's writing style is definitely unique. There are two viewpoints. One is a high-level view - the company. The company cannot directly see what is happening with these characters. So they track the characters through the public blog entries written by them. This is where the second perspective comes in. Almost all the characters write blog entries, like a journal. These are reported in the first person. This dual viewpoint is what makes the writing style of the author so unique.

Entertaining: The first book focuses strongly on character development. It is really amazing to see how the characters grow with the story. The first book's purpose is to help understand the characters involved.

Cost Worth: The Kindle edition of the book is available at INR 74, which is not a lot to begin with. Compare that with the entertainment, this is a pretty sweet deal. :)

Verdict: The book has elements of sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and drama. The author has created an entirely new universe of her own (much like Harry Potter and Star Wars). I am looking forward to reading all the other books in this series. For all seasoned readers and lovers of fantasy and romance novels, this is a must-read.

8.5/10 by The Booker's Diary

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