• Manav Aggarwal

Whispers of a Nyctophile By Pragya Gogoi

This is not a storybook. This is a collection of poems written over time. This is also the first collection of poems that I have read since school. I have recently developed an appreciation for poetry, and this book found me at the right time. Thanks to Pragya Gogoi for allowing me to read this book.

Uniqueness: First-look, I love the cover. In fact, that is what drew me to the book too. This book is a collection of poems that talk about love, romance or heartbreak, and various other topics. There are poems about the harsh realities of life, about having hope, and death. Having said that, in my opinion, each of these poems is unique in there own way as they come straight from the soul of the author (I am refraining myself from using 'heart' because it sounds too cliche :P)

Predictability: When you talk about a set of poems written on such diverse topics, the concept of predictability gets thrown out the window. Instead, you now decide to enjoy one poem as, and it keeps coming. They are not organized by category, so it's not like you have all love poems together. The book talks about everything throughout its length.

Writing Style: As with any poem, the author has cleverly used tons of metaphors with enough context for anyone to understand. The text also contains composite words, and in some cases, you might end up referring to a dictionary. If I compare the writing style to what I read in the school books (because I don't have any other meter to compare to), the rhyme scheme is not fixed and is not constant. The more I think about, the more I realize that poetry can bend the rules to convey its intent and emotion like any other form of expression.

Cost Worth: The book's paperback edition costs around 150/- not much for the range of emotions this book delivers.

Entertainment: There were some poems I liked, and there were those I didn't enjoy much. But that probably happens with any collection. You can't really like all of it. My favorite poems were 'Women like Us' and 'The Soldier'. The first one talked about some of the harsh realities that women face in today's times, and the second spoke about how a soldier lays his life for the country.

Verdict: Some poems are great, and some with which I was not able to personally connect. But all of them did make me go through a range of emotions. Some of them even got me thinking. This is why I took longer to read this. After a few poems, I would end up going into a deep state of thinking. :P I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

7.5 / 10 by The Booker's Diary.

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