• Pooja Venkateswaran

Janaka And Ashtavakra By Ashraf Karayath

Mythology is one of my favorite genres. It's fascinating to read about the past and the mighty times of an unknown period in the world. This book is another one such untold story of the Great King Janaka and the sage Ashtavakra. Janaka is troubled with questions about the existence of humanity. How does he find peace amidst all the trouble in Mithila?


Even though Ramayan is very popular, this story is not known to the masses. The whole flow of the book fits in perfectly. The background of what was bothering King Janaka, his brother, and how Ashtavakra finds his way to the palace is just right. What brings life to the story are the teachings put as profound conversations.


The book talks about how King Janaka obtains that knowledge of the realities of life and self-liberation. However, the parallel storyline of how the people closest to him behave and react to the impending war was very unpredictable.

Writing Style

The Writing style is quite eloquent and straightforward. The Author has made the complex concepts of Ashtavakra Gita easy to comprehend. I found the teachings very liberating in a time when nothing makes sense at all.

Cost Worth

This is a book for the masses and also priced that way. It's available as a paperback and the Kindle edition. The paperback is for Rs. 295 and is worth much more than the price.


I derive great learnings from the book and thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of it. The characters are defined well, and everyone plays the role as they would. There is nothing more and nothing less one would want from reading a book.


A 10/10 for the book, which makes the world look simpler; all you need is to detach and be yourself to attain peace. The Story setting, the characters, the association with Ramayana all fit in in these 295 pages. A must-read for anyone who likes mythology and wants to know more about the lesser-known stories.

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10/10 By The Booker's Diary

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